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Sawyer David Welk

On September 18, 2012. Sawyer David Welk was born and I got to witness and capture his birth. It was the most humbling and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Macy and David are the greatest parents. So proud of them.  1351002343 531 800 531 800

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Jesse Morrow & Chris Staples

Hi, My name is Sharis and I’m addicted to taking photos. Now that I have that off my chest, onto some little treasures… Tonight, I spent the better half of the evening in Bellingham with two of my greatest friends, my favorite coffee shop, the sun, and some ear tingling music. All the while, my finger...

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Flamingos. Bubbles. and Some Bubbly. A Holiday Soiree

I had the pleasure of capturing a Holiday Soiree by the lovely Kelley Moore Design Company. What a beautiful evening on the edge of Lake Union. A night filled with Hot Cakes, Wine, Trophy Cupcakes, Dry Sodas, Electric boat rides, and so much more. Flamingos filled the evening and the most famous of all was...

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